Building Dreams

We realize that our success depends on the full satisfaction of our clients. So, when our clients rave about us, our homes and service, we know we’re on the right track.

Frankly, we won’t settle for less.  After all, we’re building dreams!

Gerry Stephens

Our experience building a home with Olivera Construction was the best possible experience we could have hoped for throughout all phases of our building experience.

Phillip Olivera saved us thousands of dollars by helping us design our dream home. We thought we would have to go to an architect to get our thoughts down on paper, but he was able to translate our thoughts to paper for us. That was just the beginning of the experience that we are still grateful for today. The relationship with Phillip made all phases of the building experience a good one. He was always honest and upfront about everything, something that was not necessarily the case with our previous experience building a home. There were never any misunderstandings about who was to pay what, when or how.

The quality of our home is absolutely fantastic, but plenty of people can build a quality home.  As a matter of fact, most of the good builders use the same subcontractors to do their work. The difference is in the integrity of the builder and Phillip’s integrity is beyond question. He has always done what he said he would do and he continues to do that three years later. I am still in disbelief when we have any problem even today. He sends someone out and takes care of it, no questions asked. It is mind blowing. I have never seen that kind of commitment to a satisfied customer ever, in any industry. I am actually almost embarrassed to call him if we have a problem now, since it has been almost three years since we finished construction. I feel like it really shouldn’t be his problem at this point, but he always pleasantly surprises me. I don’t want to sound like there have been a lot of problems because there haven’t, but I have been amazed at how easily the few problems we have had have been resolved. I whole heartedly endorse his product and his service. If he tells you something you can bank on it.

Sergio and Kim Vallejo

We consider Olivera Construction to be the best builder in our area. Their professionalism, attention to details, quality of products and customer service is unsurpassed.

They were all a pleasure to work with and their commitment to excellence shows in their work. We completely renovated our home, from the floor up! We moved out for five months and Olivera Construction created exactly what we wanted. They stayed close to the original budget and completed it on schedule. A new kitchen layout was designed with an entry from our living room. Phillip Olivera understood the kitchen design style we were looking for and was instrumental in relaying our ideas to his cabinet maker. We tore down the walls between our children’s playroom, two bedrooms and shared bathroom and gave them new space with their own bathrooms. The master bedroom closet was increased and the powder bath and master bathroom also received new fixtures and cabinets. These were just the large projects, the list goes on and on and everything was completed perfectly.

John and Cathy Canto

Olivera Construction is, unequivocally, the top builder in Central Florida!

They are a family-run business who provided personal, detailed attention in custom building our dream home. They truly build a solid home — no short cuts. We found them to be informative, organized and very patient during the entire process. Their subcontractors were all first-rate.

After finishing our home, they continue to provide outstanding service for the years to follow. With the highest and strongest recommendation possible, we would build our next home with them in a heartbeat!

Dave and Cathy Dalton

Dave and I are enjoying our home on Crooked Lake. Everyone associated with Olivera Construction was a pleasure to work with throughout the process.

I had heard nightmares about building and now when people ask me about it and I say how easy y’all made everything for the client, they can’t believe it! I think it’s all the time and planning that are put in ahead of actually breaking ground, so we weren’t caught with split-second decisions. Under your watchful eye, the decisions had all been made. From “the book” where we got so much of our inspiration, to the countless pictures from magazines, you all helped us consolidate and put it all together into what became the perfect home for us.

Thank-you so much for everything!

Drs. Jeffrey and Pamela Schwartz

It has been several years since we’ve moved into our new home constructed by Olivera Construction. We are still thrilled with our home! The detail, custom workmanship, the professional pride in making our home exactly what we envisioned are the qualities that make Olivera Construction the best in the business. Phillip and his team were attentive, accessible and secured our confidence from the beginning to the end of our home construction. We would arrive at the new home site late in the evening after work and would frequently find Phillip there going over the detail of the work done that day and making sure that everything was done to specification. He attended to every detail including helping us to situate the home on the property to optimize the views, the sunset etc.

Years after finishing the home we would call with a question or concern and Phillip would pop over and evaluate and provide any help we needed. These qualities are simply not seen in the operation of business today. We would not consider using another builder. We are fans of Olivera Construction!

Dorsey and Sandy Hightower

To say we are happy with the selection of Olivera Construction for our home in Christina Hammock is an understatement.  The entire experience from blueprint development through final walk-through was a professional pleasure, and eight years later we are just as pleased and happy as we were the day we moved in.  Through Olivera Construction’s exceptional staff, cutting-edge processes, and high quality products you too can expect the same service and satisfaction.

Bobby and Donna Calvary

When my wife and I decided we wanted to work with a contractor to build our new home, we did extensive research not only on what type home we wanted as “empty nesters”, but who to select as our contractor.  Our thorough research included reading a book on new home construction so we were familiar with all the things that could go wrong or right with this process.  We interviewed several builders before we were sold on Phillip Olivera, Vice President of Olivera Construction.

I must say our partnership with Phillip was 100% successful from the beginning phases of the creation of our “dream home” to the finished product.  Phillip was prompt and efficient with his communications with both of us-we always received a call-back within 24 hours of our inquiry.  Phillip frequently met with us through the construction phases; he was involved with the work product of all sub-contractors and personally inspected their work; if changes needed to be made on a tight schedule, we received thorough information with sufficient time to think over our choices; and finally, Phillip was a man of his word and a pleasure to work with.  Five years after occupancy, we encountered a small problem with one portion of the roof and Phillip promptly sent a roofer, out at no charge to us, to correct the problem.

We have repeatedly told Phillip that we would build another home with him, but he did too good of a job the first time.  We LOVE our Olivera constructed home and plan to spend our upcoming retirement years enjoying it!

Bernie and Renee Kelly

Olivera Construction is the premier builder in Central Florida.  Their professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service is second to none.  Building a custom home can be very rewarding and at the same time very scary.  The team at Olivera partners with their customers to bring their dreams to reality.  We had the pleasure of working with Phillip, Alex, Donnie, and a host of great subcontractors in the planning and construction of our home in 2010.  They made the whole process exciting and pain free.  The result is a home like no other, one that reflects our individual taste and style.

One of the unexpected benefits of working with Olivera Construction was the service after the sale.  Any questions, comments, or requests were responded to with the same urgency and commitment as they were during the construction process.  We would, without hesitation, recommend Olivera Construction to anyone looking to build a home.

Rich and Marj Armstrong

We are deeply grateful to Olivera Construction for their prompt visit to view our predicament after a lightning strike to our home.  They provided expertise in directing us to responsible repairers.

Our thanks to the best home builder in our experience (and we’ve had a few in our many years together).

John Shannon

Having had a State Class A General Contractor’s License in the State of Florida, growing up in the construction industry with my family, and having built 3 offices and completely remodeled 2 homes, I have dealt with a very wide variety of construction personnel and contractors, and thus have a good base of knowledge upon which to evaluate contractors.

I have never dealt with a more professional, cordial, and accommodating construction organization than the Oliveras.  From the ladies in the office, to the field superintendents, as well as the Olivera Family, they were all great.  In addition, all of the subs were of the same character which made my experience one I had never enjoyed before, but certainly did this time.  The quality of their work matched the enjoyability of the experience.

I would highly recommend the use of this family-owned business to build any project.  As for myself, I am in the process of preparing to build another office building for lease, and my first choice will be Olivera Construction, Inc.

Duke Mills, WorkComp Solutions

It’s easy to describe my experience with Olivera Construction — they’re trustworthy, knowledgeable and responsive construction professionals.

Mike Hamic

I only wanted the best builder to build my dream home.

Having sold so many homes in Lakeland, I was aware of all the builders and could pick an Olivera Construction home out of the crowd because of the design and quality of their homes. Naturally, I called Olivera Construction, Inc. Their patience and ideas were most appreciated and my new home is better than anticipated.

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I truly believe Olivera Construction, Inc. is the #1 Builder in Lakeland.

Roy and Iris Kasmar

Phillip and his company are as good as it gets.

I have built 4 custom homes, and the process and attention to detail was absolutely the best with Olivera Construction.  I would consider building a new home just so I could deal with Phillip and his staff again.

You will enjoy the process and receive a great product.

Julian and Savita Robins

Building a house is a lot more stressful than it appears.  However, we were expertly guided by Olivera Construction and finished with the home of our dreams. 

During the course of construction, we made some major construction changes, as well as a host of minor alterations, but nothing was too much trouble.  Follow-up, even after we moved in, has been second to none in the industry. 

Overall, we are extremely happy with our new home and would wholly recommend Olivera Construction to others looking to build.

Tab and Heather Bryant

We built our home with Olivera a little over two years ago.  It was our first experience building a home, and from the moment we started working on the plan, we felt completely comfortable. 

Phillip patiently worked with us through many revisions to our plan until we got it just right.  Once construction began, we were guided through the process by professional and caring members of the Olivera team. 

This company is committed to the satisfaction of their customers and has gone over and above for us to make sure that our home is everything that we dreamed it would be.  Our next home will be built by Olivera. 

We highly recommend them to anyone who values quality and true customer service that is uncommon today. 

Sandy and Bob Hanagan

Olivera Construction built our home in 2005.  We have built four homes, and by far our experience with Olivera has been the best.

Donnie, now their foreman, framed our house prior to becoming a full-time employee of Olivera.  He does a fantastic job.  Alex and Donnie were always very, very helpful in assisting us with decision making.  What also separates them from other builders is their commitment to resolve any issues that arise during construction.  You will be simply amazed at how they stand behind their product after you move in, and several years after.  If you have any issues, they will resolve them.

Based on that, we are very, very satisfied, and would not consider building a home with anyone else!!!

Richard and Mersina Barnett

What started as a conversation about building a new home, resulted in a lasting friendship when our project was complete.  Our experience with Phillip Olivera and Alex Stangl has been outstanding.  From beginning to finish they made us feel that their primary objective was to make sure we were completely satisfied with our home and proud of it.  Their objective was accomplished!

Without any prompting, friends and visitors often tell us that we have a beautiful home.  They are impressed with the quality work, attention to detail, the features, and the warm feeling it generates.

Their service after the completion of our home has been outstanding.  They have gone the “extra mile” to be sure our home continues to meet or exceed our expectations.

We have and will continue to recommend Olivera Construction to anyone who is interested in building a quality fashionable home to meet their needs.

Dave and Tina Ahrens

We have had three houses built in Florida since moving here 12 years ago, and the Olivera Construction experience was by far the most pleasant, from design to closing and beyond.  Phillip worked with us to design our home to our exact specifications, and all of the usual issues that occur during home building were promptly taken care of, even those that occurred after we moved in. 

Phillip, Phil and Donald were very responsive and helpful every step of the way.  In addition, Olivera Construction allowed us to choose our own landscaper and HVAC system installer, and worked with them to ensure coordination with other contractors.

The quality of workmanship, especially trim carpentry, tile installation, and cabinetry is outstanding.

All in all, we would recommend Olivera Construction to anyone looking for a beautiful home and good building experience. 

Micah and Joanne McCorkle

Do we recommend Olivera Construction?  You bet we do!

Chances are without Olivera Construction, we wouldn’t be enjoying our new lake-front home today.  Our project presented many issues, from beginning to end, and each time Alex, Phillip Sr., Donald, and the rest of the Olivera Team contacted the appropriate agency and walked us through each problem.

We had issues with the original developer, involving sewer permitting, muck underneath our site and a final construction deadline that left Olivera Construction just five months to complete building.  But they did it, and we are very grateful to the whole family.

We took our lot layout to Phillip Olivera, looked through the many home designs they had available, and with Phillip’s help, we added the changes we needed to fit our needs.  They have an in-house decorating service with a wide variety of options for flooring, trim, and paint needs.

The subcontractors were of the highest quality, and I can’t say how many times I heard from them that Olivera Construction will accept only their best work.

Would we use Olivera Construction again?  Yes, without a second thought. 

Thanks again to all the Olivera Construction Family and Staff. 

Dr. and Mrs. Albert Sheppard

We engaged Olivera Construction to build a home that I had initially designed with a home computer program.  Amazingly, they were able to take these plans and make them into a wonderful reality.  Their attention to quality, deadlines, budgets, and continuous liaison with the customer made them and the home construction process a joy rather than a harassment, as seems to often be the case.  We were completely satisfied with the final result.

The Oliveras are so conscious of keeping the customer completely satisfied that they even had their sub contractors repair a couple of things that needed attention well over a year after we had taken occupancy of the home.  We merely called to get a name suggestion from them, and their response was, “Let us just take care of that for you,” which they did within 24 hours at no charge!

We enthusiastically give them our highest recommendation!